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Effective sales leaders set and achieve goals, take decisive action when needed, outperform competition and inspire others to perform at the highest level.


Leadership Lessons From Air Crash Investigation QF32 (Airbus A380)

COVID has forced the early retirement of Qantas captain Richard de Crespigny, who is best known for landing an A380 when its engine exploded. What can leaders learn from his experience and philosophies?
Ricky Chanana-1

Leadership Q&A – Ricky Chanana

Ricky Chanana is the Head of Sales ANZ for Twitch, which is the world's leading live video streaming platform and a subsidiary of Ricky has over 15 years in the advertising industry having worked with major global and local brands within prominent categories, including FMCG, auto, finance and retail.

4 Sales Strategies That Expedite Growth And Recovery

When formulating a strategy, navigating blindly and relying on guesswork leads to inaccurate and unexpected results. Here are the top sales strategies from survey research conducted on 6,000 sales professionals.
Jeremy Mead Profile

Leadership Q&A – Jeremy Mead

Jeremy Mead is the National Sales & Marketing Manager for Hyne Timber, accountable for forecasting and managing demand within both domestic and global export markets. Jeremy is a leader of transformational change.
Jo Schonheim

Leadership Q&A – Jo Schonheim

Jo Schonheim is a straight talking, values led, results driven leader, Head of Sales and Marketing at True; an award-winning advertising agency based in Sydney.
Check Mate

An Expert Guide To Sales Leadership (Part 4) – Protecting Culture & Legacy

Part 4 covers 8 a leader's legacy. Great leaders know that they are building a leadership factory. They build leaders who in turn work to build new leaders.
Dino Portrait

Leadership Q&A – Dino Soepono

Dino Soepono has had his finger on the IT pulse for more than 27 years, having held numerous technical management, sales leadership, and senior management roles.
Chess piece

An Expert Guide To Sales Leadership (Part 3) – Managing People

Part 3 (of 4) covers Managing People. As a leader it is your responsibility to understand what people really want, and what they don’t want.
Danya Reinsfield - Wolters Kluwer

Leadership Q&A – Danya Reinsfield

Danya Reinsfield is the APAC Sales Director at Wolters Kluwer for Accounting, Legal, Corporate and Academic to deliver software, research and learning solutions that increase profitability, efficiencies and reduce research time....
Chess Standout

An Expert Guide To Sales Leadership (Part 2) – Non-negotiables & Accountability

Part 2 (of 4) covers Non-negotiables & Accountability. Being a leader means you are the one who stands up and enforces what is non-negotiable.