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People are a sales organisation’s greatest asset. Creating a environment where vision and values drive behavior and results all starts with the culture and the people within the team.


All Sales Floors Should Be Loud!!!

If you're having a problem with revenue, why does your sales floor sound like a funeral procession? Sales floors should be loud. No exceptions.
ignite purpose

Igniting purpose across the sales team

A sales conference can’t change everything overnight but it can ignite opportunity, purpose and agency. It’s about engaging the very people who attend and making them the active participants and leaders of change.

Engineers & Scientists Would Make The Best Salespeople

Engineers, technicians, mathematicians and scientists are better equipped for new business models, new markets and new sources of economic growth.
Order Taker - 1300 wide

Five Signs You’re An Order Taker And Not A Salesperson.

The primary reason that salespeople fail is because they aren’t really salespeople. Here are five telltale signs that indicate that a person is really an order-taker and not a salesperson.

When Quitting Becomes The Best Option.

Many companies are smoke and mirrors, promising sales reps the world to save the revenue line. Low morale and attrition are like an infectious disease. So How do you prevent disaster?

Case Study: Sales Transformation At Kodak

In 2013, hundreds of thousands of people lost their livelihoods and with that went over 125 years of history – most of which was defined by amazing innovations and many memorable ‘Kodak moments’ for people and families all over the world. What a waste of opportunity, talent and fortune.

Why a Great Sales Culture Is Everything

In any business, leaders are looking for the difference that makes the difference. Why are some individuals and some organisations unbelievably successful, as if, everything they touch turns to gold, compared to others in the same industry, where nothing seems to work?