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Sales operations is a tactical position that helps the sales organisation run smoothly and efficiently. Sales operations helps manage and report on the overall efforts. Sales enablement is an over-arching strategy that aims to improve both Sales and Marketing.


How [Not] To Run A Sales Meeting

Sales management is the weak link in the revenue chain. Sales meetings often reveal short-term or lazy mindsets and sadly waste the time of most of the participants.

All Sales Floors Should Be Loud!!!

If you're having a problem with revenue, why does your sales floor sound like a funeral procession? Sales floors should be loud. No exceptions.
ignite purpose

Igniting purpose across the sales team

A sales conference can’t change everything overnight but it can ignite opportunity, purpose and agency. It’s about engaging the very people who attend and making them the active participants and leaders of change.

A Bullet Proof Sales Plan For The Year

How do you want to reach your sales goals next year? How do you need to adapt your 2019 plan for 2020?

Engineers & Scientists Would Make The Best Salespeople

Engineers, technicians, mathematicians and scientists are better equipped for new business models, new markets and new sources of economic growth.

The Books That Taught Me How to Sell

There are hundreds books on sales and business, all of which have some value, even if we don't recognise it right away. Here is a selection which are core to development and can alter sales results.
Management Types

6 Types Of Sales Managers Companies Should Stop Hiring

There are different types of sales managers you run into during your time in sales. You can learn something from most of them, but leadership being as tricky as it is, it’s often easier to point to how you get things wrong than it is to elucidate what makes one effective. These are the seven types of sales leaders you find on the sales floor, six of which you should avoid.
Data Recruit

How Data Changes The Recruitment Game

For years now we've all been told what best-practice in the 'selection' piece of recruitment looks like. The Game has changed and it is time to stop recruiting with your fingers crossed.
personal improvement

Get Better At Selling, Or You Will Get Worse

Selling is going to continue to evolve—maybe more than other areas of business. If you are not actively working on getting better, you are getting worse. Don’t let the limits of your perception be the limits of your results.
Time Money

10,000 Hours Of Sales

Practice cannot be simply repetition or rehearsing with obvious errors. It needs to be deliberate, guided by a coach or mentor, corrected where necessary.