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Sales operations is a tactical position that helps the sales organisation run smoothly and efficiently. Sales operations helps manage and report on the overall efforts. Sales enablement is an over-arching strategy that aims to improve both Sales and Marketing.

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Hiring A 300kg Gorilla Is A Big Mistake! Why?

For many years the legend of the Alpha Hyper Masculine ‘sales superstar’ has been strutting the hallways and boardrooms of businesses. Often revered for achieving top of the league ladder sales results, yet feared by many for their manipulative, ego centric and intimidating antics.

Why You Should Fire Your Sales Manager Or Boss

The Sales Manager’s job is to provide an environment within which their sales people can succeed. Success is a partnership and all the elements need to be in place for a team to be effective. Synergy is amazingly powerful stuff when everything comes together.
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Zen And The Art Of Sales Forecasting

A good sales manager creates an environment conducive to an accurate sales forecast. They foster a culture of trust and honesty within the team, provide advice and support, whilst ensuring each member of the sales team is held accountable for their own forecast accuracy.

Lessons From A Front Line Soldier

One thing which has remained and resonated with me over all the many years since my time in the ARMY is the teaching and training style the military used with our recruits and just how successful it was.

Case Study: Sales Transformation At Kodak

In 2013, hundreds of thousands of people lost their livelihoods and with that went over 125 years of history – most of which was defined by amazing innovations and many memorable ‘Kodak moments’ for people and families all over the world. What a waste of opportunity, talent and fortune.

Why a Great Sales Culture Is Everything

In any business, leaders are looking for the difference that makes the difference. Why are some individuals and some organisations unbelievably successful, as if, everything they touch turns to gold, compared to others in the same industry, where nothing seems to work?
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Why You Should Stop Running Sales Meetings

Running sales meetings is a core activity of every sales manager. Yet, based on these results, I say the vast majority of sales managers should immediately stop running them. Not only are they not adding value to their team, but they are also actively DEMOTIVATING them.
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Igniting purpose across the sales team

A sales conference can’t change everything overnight but it can ignite opportunity, purpose and agency. It’s about engaging the very people who attend and making them the active participants and leaders of change.

A Bullet Proof Sales Plan For 2020

How do you want to reach your sales goals next year? How do you need to adapt your 2019 plan for 2020?

Engineers & Scientists Would Make The Best Salespeople

It has been a long held belief that extroverts made the best salespeople; the gift of the gab, being charming and persuasive, telling a good story, people oriented and...