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Employee Value Propositions that articulate why sales people should work for you along with talent management strategies help your organisation to recruit, select, on-board, develop and retain the best talent. Even if the economy slows, the war for talent is never over.

New Recruits

What Qualities Do Good Sales Recruits Have?

Determine what type of salesperson and/or approach you need first. The higher the complexity of what you are selling, the more skilful and knowledgeable your salespeople will need to be when it comes to customer engagement.
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Sales Recruitment – 6 Issues You Need To Address To Get It Right

Many businesses, large and small, still find it very difficult to recruit effective sales people. Whether you go direct to market or use a recruiter, you hold the key and need to own the sales recruitment process.


Six Sales Prospecting Methods, Including Cold Calling.

67 per cent of salespeople do not achieve their sales targets. Thanks to the internet, buyers now have more information available to them than ever before. This easy access to knowledge is putting sales reps into a weak position, as it empowers buyers to take charge of the sales process.

The Art Of Storytelling