Content Submission

How to be a contributor to Head Of Sales

If you have something insightful or thought provoking you would like to share with Head Of Sales readers, you are welcome to submit your piece of content to our editorial team.

What we look for?

  • Topical, original or seen from a different angle
  • Independent and unbiased
  • Engaging and thought provoking
  • Case study driven, Instructional or solutions focused
  • Accurate – facts checked with relevant references

How to submit?

Please send your final draft to and ensure to provide:

  • Synopsis (50 words)
  • H1 and H2 Headlines
  • Pull quotes
  • Content submission (word document or URL)
  • Content focus and format (refer to tables below)
  • Head shot and bio (up to 200 words)

Once our team has reviewed your submission, we will get back to you if it is something we are interested in publishing. 

What to expect if we accept?

  • An approximate publish date
  • An updated version for your approval
  • Amendments can include changes to copy, headlines or artwork
  • Receipt of guidelines for promoting or syndicating the article

Content focus

MenuSub category
Process & MethodBusiness Development
Prospecting & leads
Presenting & objections
Negotiation & closing
Account management
Enablement & OperationsSales Management
Coaching & Training
Talent development
Business culture
Data analysis
Cognitive PsychologyBuyer Behaviour
Motivation & mindset
Emotional Intelligence
Innovation & TechnologyTechnology & Automation
Voice, data and video
Social Selling
ResourcesCase studies
White papers

Content format

• News articles or short form editorial in 300-500 words

• Opinion articles or long form editorial in 500-1,000 words

 White papers – authoritative report or guide helping customers to understand issues with the framework to define and find solutions.

• Case studies – how an organisation (or individual) has identified and implemented a solution to solve an issue or challenge

• How To “Guides” – step by step guide offering solutions to real life business challenges or processes

• Expert Q&As – question and answer interview with an industry expert locally or abroad

• Rich media – video, webinars and podcasts

• Infographics – allow complex issues to be communicated in an attractive and easily digestible format by highlighting key points