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Presenting & Objections

A sales pitch or presentation attempts to persuade a customer or prospect of a product, service or solution. An objection is an expression by a buyer that a barrier exists prior to purchase which normally involves price, trust, service, a lack of information or an unmet need remaining unfulfilled.


The Art Of Storytelling

Scientific evidence shows that one of the best ways for humans to connect, to transfer knowledge or embed new ideas is through the medium of storytelling.

Questions To Qualify A Prospect

A sales master will know that questions, when they are meaningful, relevant, open, intelligent, astute, are the foundation to knowing your customer.
so what

The “So What” Card

During your presentation dry-run, ask your colleagues to play the role of the customer. Every time you make a statement, particularly one which relates to your business or your solution, anyone in the room should be encouraged to hold up their ‘So What’ card,