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#5 Leadership Q&A with Ricky Chanana of Twitch  

Ricky Chanana is the Head of Sales for Twitch ANZ, where he believes in utilising consumer research, actionable insights and market awareness to help his clients supercharge their digital campaigns and drive business results.  
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#4 10 Psychological Triggers To Become Highly Influential

If you don’t understand the psychology of selling, then the words are going to fall flat if they’re not used in the right context. You need to understand why your prospects behave the way they do.
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#3 Leadership Q&A with Ghay Haidar of FarmaForce

Ghay Haidar is the Sales Director of FarmaForce. Eight times, across different organisations, Ghay has led teams who have won the coveted PRIME Awards’ “Sales Team of the Year” in Primary & Secondary Care.
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#2 Five Signs You’re An Order Taker And Not A Salesperson

Order-taker is a derogatory term used to describe a person who has a sales title and job description but does no actual selling. Here are five telltale signs that indicate that a person is really an order-taker and not a salesperson.
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#1 The “So What” Card

As a prospective customer of yours: It’s not my job to care, it’s your job to make me care. During your presentation dry-run, every time you make a statement which relates to your business or your solution, hold up your ‘So What’ card.
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