The Best of Social Selling Podcast is a weekly podcast that helps front line sellers, sales leaders and marketers get an edge on their use of LinkedIn. To help them reach their sales and business goals more effectively. I host it, Mark McInnes.

Why should you listen to the podcast?

There are two ways you can get good at something.

  • Work like mad, make mistakes, adjust your approach and then try again. Repeating that process until successful or
  • ‘Model the Masters’. , look to those who have gone before you and who have already proven to be successful in those skills.

The BOSS podcast takes this second approach and brings those strategies to you.

Every Monday, a new episode is released as we hear from global sales and social experts who share their very best social strategies and plays. We scour the globe looking for those who do a great job with their social plays and bring them and their ideas directly to you.

In every episode, there is at least one thing you can take immediate action on that will make a difference to your LinkedIn and digital selling approach.

Here are this month’s top selections for you.

EXPOSED: LinkedIn Automation in the Sales Process. What’s working now?

In this episode, we talk to an Australian Account Exec who is currently using LinkedIn-Helper (a LinkedIn automation software tool) to help him find new clients and start conversations while he is doing other tasks.

Because using automation is against the ‘rules’ of LinkedIn, we had to ‘disguise’ our guests’ voice to protect him from having his LinkedIn account banned. In this discussion, he opens up and shares how he uses this automation in the sales process, what other tech tools are in his stack, how they all work together and what results he can achieve from the application of that automation.

A warts-and-all, sneak-peak look, under the bonnet of someone driving great results as a solo contributor in the Australian SaaS market.

Interestingly, there are a couple of astonishing things coming out of this discussion that we were not expecting.

Profile Secrets from Australia’s Leading LinkedIn Profile Specialist – Karen Tisdell.

Time and time again, LinkedIn experts have told us that having a great profile is the key to success on the platform. Having an average or lower profile makes it difficult for people to invite you to connect or to accept your connection request. Yet, with a strong profile, all of that becomes so much easier.

What happens when you get a notification that ‘someone has viewed your profile’ of course you want to go and see who that was and try to figure out what might they want.

That simple, but powerful, first impression drives everything that follows – do they send you a connection request? Do they accept yours? As you can see, a great profile is fundamental to your LinkedIn activity.

Karen Tisdell is Australia’s leading LinkedIn profile writer; as you might imagine, she spends A LOT of time thinking about LinkedIn profiles. Here, Karen shares her very best tips so that you too can have that all-important, great LinkedIn profile. A perfect place to start for newer or intermediate LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn Lurker to Influencer in just 15mins a day with Joe Apfelbaum.

LinkedIn Lurker:

Joe Apfelbaum is a high energy marketer and author. Joe wrote a best-selling book on weight loss called ‘High Energy Secrets’ after he lost 43kilos and transformed his life.

It turns out there is a lot in common between weight loss and a LinkedIn social selling strategy.

In this high-energy episode, we hear, what are the three things we need to do, every day, to go from LinkedIn lurker to LinkedIn influencer?

Why you should focus on being seen 1000 times a year by 1000 people instead of being seen just once by 10,000 people?

At one point, Joe even breaks out into a rap about B2B selling. A fun episode with plenty of great takeaways to use.

How to Increase Your Response Rates by 300% with Matt Barnett.

Video messaging has been spoken about a lot recently as a tool that will help you breakthrough with your messages whether that’s using Video via LinkedIn, Email or even Text delivery.

Matt Barnett is the CEO and Papa bear at Bonjoro, a video messaging company. Matt shares with us, what his clients are seeing as far as open rates, response rates and how his clients are currently using video to engage more effectively with both potential clients and their existing clients and how some are getting an increase in response rates of 300%

I use video all through the sales funnel and as a training tool. I think it’s an excellent substitute for face-to-face conversations and a fast way to build some rapport. it’s a great tool to create an easy pattern interrupt

Guests have included many of the tops trainers and specialists you would know as well as some great practitioners sharing what they do and how they do it.

  • Jason Bay
  • Justin Michael
  • Daniel Disney
  • Phil Gerbyshank
  • Brynne Tilman
  • Bill McCormick
  • Steven Norman
  • Chris Reed
  • Jay Jensen
  • Cynthia Barnes & more

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Mark McInnes
Mark helps businesses to find and engage with new customers in today’s business environment. The # 1 ‘sales’ problem most companies complain about is that they do not have enough volume in their pipeline because their current sales strategies are no longer working as well as they once did. A sales trainer across APAC with a strong focus on the top of the sales, funnel, Mark helps his clients to find more customers and engage with them credibly and ethically – be it online or via traditional sales channels. Ranked Australia’s # 1 Social Seller by LinkedIn on LinkedIn (2016). Mark draws heavily on his time in the Australian ARMY as an Assault Trooper where, amongst other things, he guarded the Queen of England. He leverages some of the techniques and disciplines he gained while travelling the world with the ARMY in the development of his unique approach to his business dealings & sales philosophy. Mark has experience across industries such as Financial Services, FMCG, Entertainment, Hospitality, B2B Business equipment, Management Consulting, Marketing and SaaS.