In NLP the Agreement Frame is defined as a strategy to redirect a person’s argumentative energy, rather than attempting to overcome it. It’s a great way to reduce resistance when communicating with people, especially during a negotiation.

So to put this into sales context imagine this scenario.

You’re with a prospect. You’ve moved through the intelligent questions stage, you’ve established what they want, you’ve aligned with them perfectly and now – if negotiation is necessary – this is where the agreement frame comes in.

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Up to this point imagine you’re standing in front of your client – now imagine you are standing together side by side, facing the same direction.

Your prospect lists all the things they want. The agreement frame is – you put your arm around them (metaphorically speaking) and say:

– Yes, I agree with you and this is why we’re going to do XYZ.

– Yes, I see your situation and that’s why we’re going to do XYZ.


– Yes, I respect your decision and that’s why we’re going to do XYZ.

**Each time you still keep to your original script.**

Agreement frames allow you to find a solution together without saying – yes BUT…or yes HOWEVER…

Avoid using words such as “but”, “yet” or “however”. They negate what the person just said. They negate everything that was said immediately beforehand and prevents moving into an agreement frame. 

Use “AND” or “ALSO” to bring the two statements together instead.

You want to demonstrate:

• you agree with them

• you have considered what they’ve said

• you’re on their side

• you empathise with them

• you’ve reached a solution together.

The key is not to change your offer – just change the words you use.

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Charmaine Keegan
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