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5 Ways Sales Candidates Can Stand Out From The Crowd

The ‘hidden job market’ accounts for 80% of roles which get filled without needing to use a recruiter or to advertise. Having a good looking resume will only work for 20% of the opportunities out there. How can sales candidates more effectively marketing themselves as somebody who is worthwhile considering?
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How Are High-Impact Sales Leaders Hardwired?

"No matter how much training you give to a donkey… it’ll never win the Melbourne Cup". How should your next sales leader be naturally hardwired in order to improve the odds of them being the ‘race horse’ you want and need?
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Best of Social Selling Wrap up. BOSS Podcast (Sponsored)

The Best of Social Selling Podcast is a weekly podcast that helps front line sellers, sales leaders and marketers get an edge on their use of LinkedIn. To help them reach their sales and business goals more effectively - hosted by Mark McInnes.
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I don’t want to be in sales!

It seems that a great swathe of small business owners also dislike the idea of being in sales. “I’m the CEO, I’m not in sales.”

How Fisher & Paykel Redefined Its Approach To Sales

When COVID-19 hit, sales changed overnight. Fisher & Paykel Executive VP – Customer Experience & Marketing Rudi Khoury shares how sales leaders pivoted to support sales teams and customers.
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Six Traits Of Great Sales Reps

Six traits of great sales reps from the best in the business. Learn more in Salesforce's new ebook '50 Pro Sales Tips for 2020' to help sales teams master the art of sales.