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Sales management is the coordination of people and resources to increase sales, profit and growth. Responsibilities can include forecasting, setting objectives, budgeting, recruitment, training, remuneration and performance. The the most important function of sales management it to manage the people who make the sales.

Valuable Tips for Improving Sales Hiring

Sales reps represent your company to customers and prospects. A poor hire is not only costly but can also do collateral damage to your brand. It’s worth your time and effort to improve your sales hiring criteria and process.

What To Do With Under Performing Sales People Who Are Not...

When salespeople are not producing results and what can be done to fix it.

What The Best Sales People Do!

There is no sales strategy without effective sales tactics and effective sales tactics fall down without a stellar sales strategy.

15 Critical Questions Leaders Need To Answer

An organisation is built on culture: it is constantly evolving, and leaders need to do so in order to remain productive What questions can assist you to establish the criteria for choosing leaders in your own organisation?

Hiring A 300kg Gorilla Is A Big Mistake! Why?

For many years the legend of the Alpha Hyper Masculine ‘sales superstar’ has been strutting the hallways and boardrooms of businesses. Often revered for achieving top of the league ladder sales results, yet feared by many for their manipulative, ego centric and intimidating antics.

Leadership Q&A – Albert van Wyk

Albert van Wyk is the Regional Director at GBG ANZ and is responsible for driving the strategic direction and sales execution for the enterprise division.

Zen And The Art Of Sales Forecasting

A good sales manager creates an environment conducive to an accurate sales forecast. They foster a culture of trust and honesty within the team, provide advice and support, whilst ensuring each member of the sales team is held accountable for their own forecast accuracy.

How [Not] To Run A Sales Meeting

Sales management is the weak link in the revenue chain. Sales meetings often reveal short-term or lazy mindsets and sadly waste the time of most of the participants.

A Bullet Proof Sales Plan For The Year

How do you want to reach your sales goals next year? How do you need to adapt your 2019 plan for 2020?

Leadership Q&A – Ricky Chanana

Ricky Chanana is the Head of Sales ANZ for Twitch, which is the world's leading live video streaming platform and a subsidiary of Ricky has over 15 years in the advertising industry having worked with major global and local brands within prominent categories, including FMCG, auto, finance and retail.