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ABM – The Zero Waste Strategy For Revenue Growth

ABM is a long term, coordinated approach to marketing and sales, not a tactic, campaign or a sales method. The statistics on ABM success can’t be ignored but it may not be for every organisation.

How Customer-Centric Is Your Value Proposition?

Sales and marketing people have been bandying around terms like Value Propositions, Unique Selling Proposition, Unique Value Propositions for decades. But, unfortunately, they still mean different things to different people. And they have been misused for too long.

Why businesses only have price to compete on

If you rely too much on price in order to remain competitive, it’s time to change the way you view your business, your marketing strategy and your sales process.

Building Community – What You Need To Know!

The future of the channel account manager will transition to community managers in order to support the diverse partner ecosystem. With millions of potential partners flooding into the marketplace, those that can find, recruit, manage, and nourish partners at scale will determine future winners and losers.