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What the best sales people do!

There is no sales strategy without effective sales tactics and effective sales tactics fall down without a stellar sales strategy.

What does ChatGPT mean for the world of sales?

GenAI technologies will affect a quarter of all occupations today, rising to 44% within three years.

9 Strategies To Improve Online Sales Meetings And Close More Deals

There’s great triumph in nailing an online meeting. It sets you apart from competitors, deepens credibility, crystallises value and builds relationships.

The Fear And Generational Shift Against Cold Calling

Salespeople are being taught to fear cold calling by people who should know better. Much of the advice they offer validates and even spreads a fear of sales interactions.

Why Less On LinkedIn Is So Much More

Customers expect personalised experiences yet they resent brands that bombard them with advertisements on social media, to their inbox, and in real life.