Why You Really Win & Lose Deals – A Customers Perspective

Why You Really Win & Lose Deals – A Customers Perspective

Hosted by Cian Mcloughlin.

The world of B2B sales is littered with stories of cringeworthy moments and ‘I can’t believe that actually happened’ sales blunders. In this Masterclass Cian will dive deep into some of the craziest stories from 10+ years of customer Win and Loss Reviews. He’ll share the good, the bad and the oh-so-ugly experiences of other sales professionals, then look to the future to explore the evolving landscape of buyer behaviours and what this means for you.

This masterclass isn’t just about laughing (or crying) at the sales stuff-ups of yourself and your peers; Cian will also unpack 10+ years of Win/Loss Customer Buying Trends and real-world insights, backed-up with actionable strategies tailored for sales professionals and leaders looking to lift their game. Ready for a mix of hilarity and hard-hitting sales wisdom?

Key takeaways:

  • Understand why you actually win and lose the key deals you pitch for in market
  • Gain a unique perspective on what motivates, and frustrates, customers when considering a B2B buying decision
  • Come away with specific, actionable and proven strategies to derisk opportunities currently in pipe and increase your win rate.