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Valuable Tips for Improving Sales Hiring

Sales reps represent your company to customers and prospects. A poor hire is not only costly but can also do collateral damage to your brand. It’s worth your time and effort to improve your sales hiring criteria and process.

10 Expert Tips To Stand Out On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is home to over 55 million companies advertising more than 24 million job opportunities, and every minute, three people are hired on the platform.

Sales Recruitment – 6 Issues You Need To Address To Get...

Many businesses, large and small, still find it very difficult to recruit effective sales people. Whether you go direct to market or use a recruiter, you hold the key and need to own the sales recruitment process.

Hiring A 300kg Gorilla Is A Big Mistake! Why?

For many years the legend of the Alpha Hyper Masculine ‘sales superstar’ has been strutting the hallways and boardrooms of businesses. Often revered for achieving top of the league ladder sales results, yet feared by many for their manipulative, ego centric and intimidating antics.

How Data Changes The Recruitment Game

For years now we've all been told what best-practice in the 'selection' piece of recruitment looks like. The Game has changed and it is time to stop recruiting with your fingers crossed.

When Quitting Becomes The Best Option.

Many companies are smoke and mirrors, promising sales reps the world to save the revenue line. Low morale and attrition are like an infectious disease. So How do you prevent disaster?

7 Considerations For Sales Recruitment During COVID.

The ‘War For Talent’ is raging and we’re the combatants trying to defend our turf. Getting creative and human with your recruitment ad’ campaign is ‘mission-critical’ in 2020.

What Qualities Do Good Sales Recruits Have?

Determine what type of salesperson and/or approach you need first. The higher the complexity of what you are selling, the more skilful and knowledgeable your salespeople will need to be when it comes to customer engagement.

Hiring The Right Sales People Is Incredibly Difficult.

Hiring the right sales people is incredibly difficult. What defines the right sales person and how do you screen-out those who look good but can't deliver?