Sue Barrett

Sue Barrett, Founder and CEO of Barrett (est. 1995) and, is a pioneering figure in human-centered sales and communication. She champions the belief that everyone engages in selling, emphasising ethical practices and emotional intelligence. Her leadership in the Selling Better Movement aligns with Industry 5.0’s focus on human-centricity and sustainability, fostering business and individual success through improved engagement and communication.

Sue transforms businesses with her integrated approach, blending emotional intelligence, ethics, and systems thinking. This approach enhances sales team performance, refines go-to-market strategies, and cultivates stronger client relationships. She advocates for inclusive, purpose-driven business cultures that attract top talent and drive innovation.

Beyond business, Sue is deeply committed to ethical practices, climate action, and equality. Her community involvement includes co-founding the March4Justice movement and leading successful political campaigns. She is also an advocate for women’s empowerment through projects like Sell Like A Woman.

Sue’s influence extends through her writings, media appearances, and mentoring roles, where she shares insights on resilience, gratitude, and effective leadership. Her impactful career has earned her numerous awards, including recognition in the Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame.