Keynote – Sales Success in The New World

Keynote – Sales Success in The New World

Hosted by Tony Hughes.

Professional selling is undergoing unprecedented pressure as teams struggle to deal with a down economy, aggressive competition and increasing uncertainty. How can leaders and sellers thrive in the age of automation, especially with buyers becoming disengaged from digital bombardment.

Learn about the essentials for sales success and how to be targeted, relevant and effective in a noisy world. Harness the trends in B2B sales models for team effectiveness and revenue performance. Everyone needs to be a little cyborg in blending the power of the machines with the magic of being human. In this keynote, be informed and inspired with strategies and practical ideas for accelerating sales and driving competitive advantage in a ‘digital first’ world.

Key take-aways:

  • Why you must adapt your business model for sales success
  • How to create a customer-centric and value-led approach to the market
  • Tips and techniques for improving sales results