Cultivating a High Performing Sales Team

Cultivating a High Performing Sales Team

Hosted by Charmaine Keegan.

This session focuses on cultivating a high-performance team through enhanced communication, influence, and sales techniques. Participants will gain insights into modern strategies aimed at improving engagement and achieving superior outcomes both individually and as a team. Central to this session is understanding the comprehensive sales journey, which equips leaders to effectively coach and mentor their teams towards sustained success.
Moreover, the emphasis on positioning teams as trusted advisors and subject matter experts underscores the importance of building credibility and authority in their respective fields, essential for cultivating long-term client relationships and achieving sales excellence. 

  • How to drive a high-performance team
  • Learn the latest techniques in Communication, Influence and Sales so that you and your team can engage more effectively with better results.
  • What does a sales journey look like? These skills will help you coach and mentor your team successfully.
  • How to set your team up as Trusted Advisors, The Authority in their Field, the Subject Matter Experts.

Key Takeaways:
Enhanced Communication and Influence:
Master advanced communication techniques and strategies for influencing effectively, enabling teams to engage with clients more persuasively and achieve better results in sales interactions.
Understanding the Sales Journey: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the sales journey to better coach and mentor team members through each stage, optimizing their performance and guiding them towards successful outcomes.
Building Trusted Advisor Status: Learn how to position your team as trusted advisors and subject matter experts, enhancing credibility and trust with clients, which is crucial for long-term client relationships and sustained business growth.

These takeaways empower delegates with actionable insights and skills to foster a high-performance sales team capable of delivering exceptional results and establishing themselves as leaders in their industry. The session aims to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to drive continuous improvement and achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace.