Derin Cag

Derin Cag is the founder of Richtopia who's vision is to enrich lives through education and partnerships, with an ultimate vision in parallel with the UNDP's Sustainable Development Goals. Richtopia was founded in 2014 and has attracted a notable audience including names like Richard Branson, Guy Kawasaki, Brian Tracey, Elif Şafak, Paulo Coelho and more. Richtopia has been mentioned across various media outlets including the BBC, Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, Harvard Business Review (HBR) and Business Insider to name a few. Derin is a thought-leader, content editor, and author of e-books. He is also a guest lecturer at INSEEC Group / University of Monaco. Derin is regularly invited to speak at international conferences on topics including the implications of Industry 4.0, digital transformation, AI, IoT, and social entrepreneurship. Derin finds global trends and transformative technologies - for making the world a better place - of particular interest.