Damien Pigott

Damien Pigott is the Business Development Effectiveness Specialist at Oracle NetSuite, empowering a team of salespeople across the JAPAC region. Damien has a strong background in sales, sales management and learning and development. As a Learning and Development professional he has worked for companies such as Intuit, Fuji Xerox and Central Innovation focusing on creative educational strategies, results focussed coaching and leadership skills development. Damien is a founding member of the Sydney chapter of the Sales Enablement Society and has spoken at a wide range of events in both Australia and internationally. Damien holds degrees in a wide variety of disciplines, from education to theology, but his current academic focus is positive psychology and developing resilience and wellness in salespeople. When not working, studying or facilitating, Damien is a passionate supporter of the GWS Giants in the AFL.

The Psychology Of First Impressions

First impressions do count. The psychology of consumerism tells us that the initial impact of a brand, a colour, a physical layout and a welcoming employee can never be understated.

10,000 Hours Of Sales

Practice cannot be simply repetition or rehearsing with obvious errors. It needs to be deliberate, guided by a coach or mentor, corrected where necessary.

Speak to Me – Personalisation in Sales

Technology provides a myriad of tools that allow you to aggregate information and then find relevant content to share. Know your customers, know what drives and motivates them and truly know what information they engage with best.

Authentic Happiness in Sales

Mental health and wellness are critical issues for Australian society. Being extremely successful in sales can look wonderful from afar, but the reality can be very different.

20 Vision

By adding peripheral view, depth awareness and colour vision to your sales skills - the benefits are significant.

Building Your Capability – A Challenge for All

Learning is changing at an unprecedented pace, we are writing our own curriculum and drawing upon all the resources available to enable this to happen.