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How Customer-Centric Is Your Value Proposition?

Sales and marketing people have been bandying around terms like Value Propositions, Unique Selling Proposition, Unique Value Propositions for decades. But, unfortunately, they still mean different things to different people. And they have been misused for too long.

I Have 10 Seconds To Make An Impression?

Possessing an effective and professional business introduction that spells out clearly and succinctly the benefits that we bring to our buyers is now more essential than ever. If those benefits are also quantified then that's even better. So, why do many businesses and their salespeople turn off their prospects, right from the first contact?

The Psychology Of First Impressions

First impressions do count. The psychology of consumerism tells us that the initial impact of a brand, a colour, a physical layout and a welcoming employee can never be understated.

First Meeting Strategies To Make A Better First Impression

Ever been involved in a first meeting that was a bit awkward or didn't go quite so well? Then you know the importance of getting these first meetings off to a good start. Taking deliberate steps to build rapport has been proven to significantly increase your chances of reaching an agreement.

The “So What” Card

During your presentation dry-run, ask your colleagues to play the role of the customer. Every time you make a statement, particularly one which relates to your business or your solution, anyone in the room should be encouraged to hold up their ‘So What’ card,