Joe Pici

Ranked #1 in the World's Top 30 Sales Professionals for 2020 by Global Gurus, Joe Pici is a strategist for top sales professionals and a coach specializing in results driven sales training through Rapport Mastery™. Since 1992 he has functioned as a catalyst for sales teams and individuals, helping them sharpen their skills for creating appointments and closing sales through his live phone call workshops. Rapport Mastery™ sales training, a methodology exclusive to Pici & Pici Inc., is an extremely strong skill builder which is straightforward and easy to apply. Joe has expanded his knowledge and coaching expertise into a comprehensive, turnkey system for success in sales. COO and co-founder of Pici & Pici Inc., Joe is also co-author and intellectual resource behind the book Sell Naked on the Phone and the host of the bi-weekly Sales Edge podcast.

A Practical Guide On Building Rapport In Sales

Rapport is the deepest level of relationship between two individuals that involves sharing common ground, and is established when harmony and accord have been reached between both parties. This does not mean the individuals involved agree on every issue. Instead, it means they have attained a mutual respect for each other's opinions.